Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WACANA ILMIAH : "Perubatan Moden adalah Perubatan Islam" (extended bonus program of FIQH AND USUL FIQH IN CONTEMPORARY MEDICAL PRACTICE SEMINAR)

As-salamualaykum and good day,

Dear all PPIM & PPIM Student Chapter members,

PPIM CUCMS SC would like to invite you to a public forum on 11th December 2010.

Details of the talk are as follows:
Title: Perubatan Moden adalah Perubatan Islam
Venue: Auditorium, CUCMS Main campus,+cyberjaya&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=34.724817,70.048828&ie=UTF8&hq=cucms,+cyberjaya&hnear=&radius=15000&ll=3.043154,101.655121&spn=0.650019,1.094513&z=10&iwloc=A

Date: 11th Dec 2010
Day: Saturday
Panelist: 1) Prof. Dr. Abdul Latiff Mohamed, Ex-President PPIM ('04-'08)
2) Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, Lecturer of Islamic Studies USM
Time: 8.00-11.00pm
Admission fee: Free of charge, refreshment provided
The forum is a part of PPIM CUCMS SC program, Wacana Ilmiah that aims to provide a platform for discussion and intellectual discourse, exposing medical students and public to current issues.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at 019-6323096 or Abdul Halim at 013-3031007. Thank you.


Best regards,

Mohd Niza Zakaria
Clinical Wing,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Dear YBhg. Dato' Prof. Dr./Prof. Dr./Assoc. Prof. Dr./Assoc. Prof./Dr./Mr./Mdm./Miss,


With regard to the above matter, we would like to inform you that Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia (PPIM) CUMCS will hold the “Fiqh and Usul Fiqh in Contemporary Medical Practice” seminar event on11th December 2010.

2. The objectives of this event are to introduce fiqh medicine on students and to educate participants on the principle of Islamic Law, Usul Fiqh, and Qawaid Fiqhiyyah and Maqasid Syariyyah. It also to train participants to exercise problem solving method in accordance to Islamic Law and understanding.

3. As such, we would be very much obliged if you could generously lend your time to join this program in order to make this event a huge success. Program details are as below:
Date : 11th December 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 8.00 am - 5.30 pm
Venue : Auditorium of CUCMS
Fees : Student - RM35
Public/adult – RM50

· Payment can be made to Maybank AC : 162441093677 (IMAMSCCUCMS) with attention to Program Treasurer, Mohd Arief Mohd Yusof (013-4564492)
· Deposit or payment must be made before 5th December 2010.
· Please post / fax /email the payment slip before 5th December 2010
· Additional RM 10 for those who want to have dinner served afterwards for Wacana Ilmiah session.
· To those who intended to participate in groups, participation information could be sent through separate list by including your name, IC number and institution

Tentative program: Please refer to attachement.

For further enquiries, please contact the invitation personnel at:
Ahmad Mustaqim bin Ismail (013-6711239)
Farah Sabrina binti Abdullah (017-2569847)
Wan Muhd Hanif Akmal Rahman (019-7171355)

4. In the effort of making this event a reality, we are really hoping to receive participants from your faculty that could attend this seminar and learn together with us about the Fiqh in terms of medical course.

5. Your willingness to participate in the Fiqh Medical Seminar is gratefully acknowledged. We as the seminar organizer, welcomes the participation of the host to the event. May all your efforts and participation is always blessed by Allah SWT.

Thank you and we hope to get a positive reply from you.

Yours sincerely,

(Ahmad Mustaqim bin Ismail)
Director of Fiqh and Usul Fiqh in Contemporary Medical Practice Seminar

Program Details

8.15 a.m. : Registration and breakfast
9.15 a.m. : Welcoming speech by organizer
9.30 a.m. : Introduction to Fiqh & Usul Fiqh; Principle of the enactment of Islamic Law
Ustaz Wan Rumaizi Wan Hussein, UIAM

11.10 a.m : Qawaid Fiqhiyyah in relation to Medical Fiqh
Ustaz Lokmanulhakim Hussain, BNM

12.40 p.m. : Lunch & Zuhur prayer

2.00 p.m. : Maqasid Syar’iyyah and in relation to Medical Fiqh
Ustaz Muhammad Rozaimi bin Ramlee, UPSI

3.30 p.m. : Problem Based Learning & Group presentation
Prof. Dr. Abdul Latiff Mohamed, CUCMS

4.30 p.m. : Question and Anwer session & Conclusion
All panel members

5.15 p.m. : Souvenir Giving & Disperse

5.30 p.m. : Dismissal

“Extended bonus Night Session - PPIM CUCMS Wacana Ilmiah Series”

8.30 p.m : Wacana Ilmiah – “Perubatan Moden Adalah Perubatan Islam”

Speaker :
Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, Lecturer USM

11.00 p.m : Refreshment & Disperse

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



(Senarai aktiviti ini hanyalah sebagai makluman ahli PPIM Student Chapter, bukannya jemputan umum. Sila hubungi wakil PPIM SC IPT masing-masing utk mengetahui maklumat lanjut program yang boleh disertai)

1. 21 Nov – Sunathon Sungai Buloh
Organizer: JKK Kampung Damai Kuang
Doctor: Prof. Latiff
Participants: 40++ (Smart Clamp)
PIC: Halim (013-3031007)

2. 27 Nov (Sat) - Rumah Nur Salam, Chow Kit
Organizer : Med Students UPM
Doctors : Dr. Munawwar & Dr. Al-Amin
Participants : 20-30
PIC : Zamir UPM (013-3886845)

3. 27 Nov (Sat) - Surau Ikhwan Desa Pinggiran Putra
Organizer : Jemputan dari Surau
Doctors : Dr. Ikram
Participants : 20-30
PIC : Nordin (017-6990580)

4. 28 Nov (Sat) - Dewan Masjid Muhtadin, Damansara Damai
Organizer : Jemputan dari Surau
Doctors : Dr. Munawwar
Participants : 20-30
PIC : Nordin (017-6990580)

5. 4 Dec (Sat) - Surau Baiturahman, Putra Heights
Organizer : Jemputan dari Surau
Doctors : Dr. Ikram, Dr. Munawar
Participants : 20-30
PIC : Nordin (017-6990580)

6. 5 Dec (Sun) - Masjid Kota Damansara
Organizer : Masjid Kota Damansara
Doctors : Prof. Latiff
Participants : 50
PIC : Farid Fauzi (013-2764805) & 4th year PPIM CUCMS

7. 12 Dec (Sun) - Masjid Al-Husna, Bandar Puchong
Organizer : Jemputan dari Surau
Doctors : ---
Participants : 50
PIC : (to be confirmed)

8. 12 Dec (Sun) - Masjid Ulu Klang
Organizer : ADUN Hulu Kelang
Doctors : Dr. Munawar
Participants : 50++
PIC : Puteri (013-3028931) & 2nd year PPIM CUCMS

9. 18 Dec (Sat) - Program Sunatour, Masjid Tanah, Melaka
Organizer : PPIM CUCMS (Clinical)
Doctors : Prof. Latiff
Participants : 100 ++
PIC : Amirah Nabihah (019-2749000) & 4th year PPIM CUCMS

10. 1-7 Januari 2011 - Sunathon Cambodia
Organizer : IMA Cambodia
Doctors : Prof. Abu Bakar et al
Participants : 100 ++
PIC : Waqiyuddin (013-9326077)& 5th year PPIM CUCMS


1. Le Tour De Kenyalang, Sarawak
Organizer : PPIM CUCMS (Pre-Clinical)
Doctors : Prof. Latiff & Dr. Hazian
Participants : 100 ++
PIC : Puteri (013-3028931), 2nd year PPIM CUCMS

Not confirmed yet

1. 5 Dec - Sunathon Lembah Pantai
Organizer : Parlimen Lembah Pantai
Doctors : ----
Participants : 50++
PIC : Waqiyuddin (013-9326077)

2. December (not confirmed yet)
Organizer: AJK Kampung Ulu Tiram/ Batu Pahat
Doctors: ??
Participants: ??
PIC: Halim (013-3031007)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Talk by Prof. Harlina on Sex-Related Issues in Youth, 9 Nov 2010, CUCMS

As-salamualaykum and good day,

Dear YBhg. Dato' Prof. Dr./Prof. Dr./Assoc. Prof. Dr./Assoc. Prof./Dr./Mr./Mdm./Miss,

I would like to apologize for those who are looking forward to attend the talk scheduled this coming Tuesday. Unfortunately, the talk has been rescheduled to 9th November 2010 due to unforeseen difficulty.

Details of the talk are as follows:

Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Harlina Halijah Hj. Siraj
Title: Our role in sex-related issues in youth
Venue: Auditorium, CUCMS Main campus
Date: 9th Nov 2010
Day: Tuesday
Time: 8.00pm - 11.00pm
Admission fee: Free of charge, refreshment provided

On behalf of PPIM CUCMS SC, I’m deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused and hopefully this will not deter you from attending the talk as scheduled. InsyaAllah, there will be no more changes in the future.

Please contact me at 019-6323096 for further enquiries. Thank you.

Best regards,

Mohd Niza Zakaria
Clinical Wing,


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Harlina Halijah Hj. Siraj will appear in Nasi Lemak Kopi O’ program on TV9 tomorrow morning (31st Nov, Sunday), don’t miss it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Program qiamullail IMAM - PPIM SC

Salam ikhwah dan akhowat sekalian , IMAM -PPIM Student chapter insya- Allah akan mengadakan program Qiamullail bertempat di Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS )pada 26 Ogos 2010 - 27 Ogos 2010 , semua dijemput hadir bagi memeriahkan program tersebut...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Sahabat-sahabat PPIM Student Chapter yang dikasihi,

Seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya, FIMA & WAMY sekali lagi menganjurkan Summer Camp for Medical Students. Oleh itu, sahabat-sahabat PPIM Student Chapter dari dalam dan luar negara dijemput untuk menyertai program kali ini.

Summer Camp kali ni hanya terbuka kepada peserta LELAKI sahaja. Segala urusan sepanjang Camp adalah ditanggung pihak penganjur, peserta hanya perlu menanggung TIKET PERJALANAN (flight atau bas) sahaja ke sana. Detail program adalah seperti dilampirkan pada pengumuman ini.

Sahabat yang berminat bolehlah submit detail sebagaimana di bawah, sebelum 12 tengahhari (waktu Malaysia), Ahad, 20 Jun 2010.

1. Full name
2. College & year
3. Passport No.
4. Full M'sia Address
5. Phone No. (Home & Mobile)
6. Email

Sila emailkan detail kepada Sdr. Ahmad Faidhi, di / Atau SMS ke 012-9739330 jika ada sebarang pertanyaan.

Response dari sahabat semua amat dialu-alukan. Terima kasih.


Ahmad Faidhi,
PPIM Student Chapter



· Start: Saturday, July 17, 2010 G (5/8/1431 H)

· End: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 G (11/8/1431 H)


Islamic Medical Association in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (IMAKSA)/ World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)


· WAMY Office, Cairo.


Creative Jet Beach Resort, Al-Ain – Al-Sukhna, Egypt.

(Located on the Red Sea, approximately 20 km to Suez and 100 km to Cairo).


“Change Triad for Health Professionals”

Change is an everlasting human phenomenon. However, the change can be towards positive or negative direction; active or passive; slow or fast; well planned and balanced or haphazard and astray … etc.

Any combination of these conditions can result in very complex consequences. It is our responsibility to choose the change we prefer: direction, magnitude, rate and method …etc.

It is our sole responsibility to change ourselves positively. The Divine law entails that change start from people will and act. Allah intervention comes through human efforts. This is law of change that we are ordained to observe. This concept has been pointed out very clearly in two verses of the Noble Quran:

· “That is because Allah would not change a favor which He had bestowed upon a people until they change what is within themselves. And indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing”. (Al-Anfal: 53)

· “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”. (Ar-Ra’d: 11).

Based on this principle and concept, FIMA students affair council has been continuously absorbed in activities that focus in youth development in all aspects; particularly those features pertaining to health profession and more importantly those pertaining to Islam religion whose moderate teachings aim to raise up its people to be models for and witnesses over all human beings.

“And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you”. (Al-Baqarah: 143).

Hence theme of this 12th FIMA International CAMP for MEDICAL STUDENTS focuses on the constructive change that should be implemented to develop the personality of medical students and young doctors; in the three main dimensions; namely: the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. In order to have this triad change effective and optimal, it needs to be complete, integrated, balanced and science/religion–based.

In quest of fulfilling this objective, we invited expert trainers and speakers who have been involved handling youth development and care.

We hope this gathering and activity will be very instrumental in life change for the sake of our students, their communities, countries and the world.

Program Schedule:

To be announced later.


· An annual gathering of Muslim medical students from all over the world.

· The students participate in a comprehensive program of educational, cultural, social, sport, tourist and recreational activities.

· The operations follow closely the scouting camp system.

· The students themselves under supervision by senior doctors primarily run the administration of the camp and its activities.

· The duration of the camp is full 6 days.

Time Schedule

· Registration time

Any time from now till Deadline Date.

· Deadline date for Registration

Sunday, 20 June 2010

· Last Date of Arrival to camp site

Friday, 16 July 2010

· Period of camping

From: Saturday, July 17, 2010

To: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

· Date of departure

Thursday, July 22, 2010


· To foster brotherhood among Muslim students of various Islamic Medical Associations (IMAs) and countries.

· To enhance mutual understanding and cooperation.

· To exchange information and experiences.

· To provide leadership training and organizational skills.

· To strengthen the involvement of students in IMA activities.

· To promote communication and networking among the student chapters of IMAs and other countries.


· Students of Medical and Health Colleges who are affiliated to and/or nominated by Islamic Medical Associations.

· “Students” can be extended to include first year house officer or newly graduate.

· “Medical and Health Colleges” could be college of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences or any other health-related college.

· “Islamic Medical Associations” (IMAs) should be active, associate or pending members of FIMA.

Male Medical students only this time:

1. In this particular camp, only male medical students can participate.

2. Unfortunately, we CANNOT accommodate female participants this time because of inevitable reasons related to venue, space, and logistics.


· Lectures & Seminars

· Roundtable discussions & Workshops

· Debates

· Forum

· Project presentation

· Meetings

· Spiritual sessions

· Cultural show

· Basic survival skills

· Outdoor activities and sports

· Educational tours

· Community Health Service


· The field language is English.

· The lecturers will specify their language of delivery. Simultaneous Arabic/English translation is provided when needed.


· 100 students

· Each IMA is allowed a maximum of 10 students, with more quotas for the organizing IMA and the host country.

· Supervisors: Each IMA should nominate 1 senior student to be the supervisor for their delegation. This supervisor is expected to take care of the communication between the camp supervisor and his IMA/delegation.

· Acceptance of registration follows “First-come, first-served” principle.


· The IMAs or individual students are responsible for the cost of their return tickets to hosting country as well as their Visa fees.

· There are NO registration fees for the camp.

· Accommodation, meals and local transportation will be provided FREE OF CHARGE by IMAKSA/WAMY during the sole days of camp activities.

· Participants are responsible for expenses of their stay during days outside the program period.


· Visa for entry into the hosting country is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the IMAs and/or the participants.

· IMAKSA or WAMY unfortunately CANNOT secure visas for the participants.

· To avoid problems of entry visa, visitors should make sure that the expiry date of their passports is AT LEAST 6 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE of expected return departure.


· The registration deadline is Sunday, June 20, 2010

· All students must be registered by their own IMAs.

· Students not affiliated to any IMAs may register through a neighboring IMA or apply directly.

· Kindly note that it is necessary to complete the attached "Registration Form" in Excel sheet and e-mail it to Dr. Atallah Al-Ruhaily, supervisor general of the camp on We strongly encourage getting the list of all participants from each IMA together as a group in one sheet.

· The registration is not acceptable unless you receive acknowledgement and letter of acceptance from the camp supervisor.


· Participants are advised to arrange their flight reservation to Cairo in ahead of time.

· Advice and guidance could be obtained from local logistic committee in Egypt.


· Receiving of participants at Airport of Cairo and transportation to camp site will be arranged free of charge only if the full details of the confirmed flights of the participants are submitted to us ahead of time (at least one week before the commencement of the camp i.e. before 10 July 2010)

· The camp administration is not responsible for reception of those who fail to abide with this condition.

· In communication with us for the itinerary of participants, we strongly encourage you to use the attached form titled "Flight Details Form" for clarity and convenience.

· Upon acceptance of registration, we will send you the contacts numbers for reception committee in airports.

Dr. Atallah Al-Ruhaily

Chairman, FIMA Students Affairs Council (FIMASAC)

Supervisor General, 12th FIMA Students Camp.

E. Mail:

Fax: 00-966-1-4690803

Thursday, May 13, 2010

12th PPIM Conference & Pre-conference (student chapter)


>> There is correction for the email address:




1.1 To create awareness among the participants on the reality of their role as future health professionals in the community.

1.2 To bridge up networking among the current and future health professionals.

1.3 To motivate local students to excel in their study through experience sharing.

1.4 To give a firsthand information on the various means of continuing activisms beyond undergraduate years .

1.5 To expose the medical students on circumcision faces by healthcare professionals.

1.6 To widened the knowledge of medical students on various aspects of non medical related issues as well as medical related issues.


Date : 18th -20th June 2010 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Venue : Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan, Pahang

: UIAM, Kuantan Pahang (accommodation for student)

Participants : Doctors, Paramedics, Students

Tentative : Kindly refer to the attached tentative

Fee : RM 150 (Student)

Attached here is the tentative. The confirmation and payment of participation must be made before 14th June 2010 (PPIM CUCMS MAYBANK ACCOUNT: 112447076697). The confirmation of participation must be informed to our respective committees mentioned below (The committee will email you the participation form and other details). For further enquiries regarding the programme or related issues, kindly contact the following persons:

Mohamad Hafis b Razali (0136283972,

Nur Hidayah bt Abdull Muttalib (0133086604,


Friday (18th June 2010)

6.00 pm : Arrival of student and registration

9.00 pm : Launching of PPIM Student Chapter Conference

-Welcoming remark by Chairman of PPIM SC

~Bro. Ahmad Faidhi Mohd Zaini

-Launching speech by President of PPIM

~Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman

-Keynote address by EXCO PPIM (Student Chapter)

~Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amaluddin Ahmad

“Responsibility, Hope & Challenge of Future Muslim Doctors”

11.00 pm : Disperse

Saturday (19th June 2010)

8.30 am : Plenary Session 1

-Addressing Current issues in Healthcare: the Role of Ministry of Health

~Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Haji Mohd Ismail Merican (KKM)

10.30 am : Tea break

11.00 am : Conference

- Plenary session “Student Activism: What’s Next?”

-Dr. Munawar Mohamed Hatta, MO Hospital Selayang

“Pursuing Activism from University to Hospital”

-Dr. Abdul Rahim, Planning & Development Division KKM

“Future Landscape of Medical Services in Malaysia”

-Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Ikram Mohd Salleh, CEO Hospital An-Nur

“Activism of Muslim Doctors through Community & Social NGO”

12.30 am : Lunch, Rest, Zuhur prayer

2.00 pm : Debate

-H1N1: Real or Hype?

3.00 pm : Concurrent Symposium 3


-TCM too far?

~Prof. Dr. Tariq b. Abdul Razak

-Current state of regulatory framework

~Dr. Ramli b Abdul Ghani

-Lessons from others in TCM

~Dr. Wan Mohd Azizi b. Wan Sulaiman

: Concurrent Symposium 4


-Model Islamic Scholar

~Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohtar Ibrahim

-KPI Driven Plagiarism

~Prof. Dr. Mohammed Fauzi Abd Rani

-Apex University or Community Friendly?

~Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hatta Shaharom

4.30 pm : Tea break, Asar prayer

5.00 pm : PPIM Annual General Meeting (AGM)

- Appointment of PPIM committee line up

6.00 pm : Disperse, Maghrib prayer

7.45 pm : Az-Zahrawi Memorial Lecture

-The vision for the future

~by Prof. Dr. Hafeez Ur Rahman

8.30 pm : Dinner (Barbeque)- at side beach

Sunday (20th June 2010 )

9.00 am : Plenary session 2

-Addressing current issues in healthcare: The Role of The Future

~Prof. Dato’ Dr. Md Tahir b. Azhar

9.45 am : Tea break

10.15 am : Concurrent symposium 5


-Ministry of Health in the future

~Ybg. Dato’ Dr. Hjh Rosnah bt Hj. Ismail

-Medicine and IT

~Assoc Prof. Dr. Jamalludin b. Ab Rahman

-Health financing in Malaysia

~Dr. Hj. Rohaizat b. Hj. Yon

Concurrent symposium 6


-The tale of Orang Asli

~Ybg. Dato’ Dr. Hj. Abdul Razak b. Kechik

-Women and Children with HIV/AIDS

-Troubled Youth and Adolescent

~Dr. Ramli Musa

12.00 pm : Conclusion and Closing Ceremony

- Resolution of Students Conference

12.30 pm : Disperse